May 13, 2016


At Capital, we like to do rather more than just offer you training projects. Over the last twenty five years we have developed processes that make your life as a trainer as easy as possible and allow you to concentrate on what you do best…….the training


You will always receive a clear and precise confirmation that will confirm who you are training, what you are training, the timing’s and where the training will take place. The confirmation will also state the pre agreed fees due to you.


No one likes doing this so we do it for you. We will email you your invoice to us within 48 hours of the course finishing. The invoice will have space for you to enter your own reference and it will also tell you the date the invoice will be paid.


We make a payment run every Friday and pay all invoices that are forty days or older. The payments are made by Faster Transfer and the funds will be cleared and in your account on that day. We always pay when we say we will and you will not need to chase your invoices