May 19, 2016

Trainer Testimonials

“Capital Training consistently provide me with interesting and varied work. Their excellent invoicing process and scheduling saves me time and gives me a sense of being respected and well looked after. It’s refreshing to work with a business where you know everyone as friends.”

Paul Tran

“I have been working with Capital Training for several years now. I have found the whole experience to be highly rewarding. Training is a people business and I have found that the people at Capital Training are a delight to work with .  They are an engaging group of people who make it really easy for me to work with them. They have a positive ‘can do ‘ attitude and are extremely efficient in their communication ,administration and trainer support. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they really do have a ‘ We are here to help philosophy’.  It is a real pleasure to work with the team at Capital and I look forward to our ongoing relationship”

Tom Johnstone –  Associate Trainer

“I have worked for Capital training for the past 3.5 years as an associate soft skills trainer and have found them to be a professional training company who look after their trainers; placing them on assignments that utilise their key skills and experiences. I would highly recommend them to any company looking for experienced and professional trainers for their in house leadership and management programmes, at the same time highly recommending any associate trainer with the right skills to get on board with them and join a positive and engaging team.”

Christine Spencer

“I like working for Capital because they make it easy for me – they always send me the information I need about each booking and I never have to chase them for payment”

Garry Brooks

“I have worked with Capital Training for more than five years now and I find them a pleasure to work with. They take the hassle out of looking for training opportunities and always look after my interests as well as those of their clients. They always treat me honestly and fairly and I have never had to chase them for payment. I would recommend them to any trainer “

Trevor Bennett

“Capital Training offer immense support to all of their trainers.  We all work on a freelance / self employed basis but really feel part of the team.  Nothing is too much trouble for the guys and any issues that crop up are dealt with accordingly and the variance of work for eclectic trainers is a good balance and mix. As a trainer / coach / mentor that has recently left a high end corporate world it is an absolute pleasure to work with Capital Training ”

Diolch yn Fawr Iawn

Wyn Williams